Resources/Download Page

LoadXtreme Quick Guide No. 1

User Guide (as of January 2020)

LoadXtreme Quick Guide No. 2

Load Wallet Replenshment Guide (as of January 2020)

LoadXtreme Quick Guide No. 3

myLIFE Pro Primer

LoadXtreme Quick Guide No. 4

Product Guide (as of April 2020)

LoadXtreme Quick Guide No. 5

Price List (as of August 2020)

Product Reference Guide

Comprehensive list of product codes with prices, inclusions and validity (as of August 2020)

Maxicare Prepaid Products Presentation

Maxicare Prepaid Products Presentation for LX Agents

ECPAY Partner Outlets

List of ECPAY outlets accepting LoadXtreme wallet replenishment

Dealership Certification

Cherry Mobile

Malayan V-Secure

Certificate of Cover


LXC Certificate of Incorporation

Quezon City Business Permit

for Wholesale/Retail (2020)

Quezon City Business Permit

for IT Services (2020)

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