Business Solutions

Apart from providing Universal Prepaid loading business to its dealers and retailers, LoadXtreme also offers Business-to-Business solutions that aim to equip and connect its partners to the robust system LoadXtreme has developed since 2003.

Transparo HTTP API

The Transparo HTTP Application Program Interface is a web-based service that enables merchants and developers to provide universal prepaid loading service to their customers, without having to invest heavily in infrastructure. The API provides secure, fast, and cost-free solution to corporate requirements.

Transparo HTTP

Transparo HTTP API also provides 'masked' SMS sending capability. This feature allows partners to send SMS for marketing, one-time password (OTP), and notifications or confirmations, from a customized Sender name.

Transparo HTTP

To qualify for a FREE API account, the following must be submitted:

  • DTI/SEC Permit.
  • Description of service or application where the API will be used. (Use case).
  • Letter of Intent with documents attached.


Vioxys CMS

Vioxys Content Management System is a proprietary service exclusively published by LX Corporation. The system allows website owners to customize their website look, features, and attach modules without having to develop their own. Unlike other free or commercially available CMS, Vioxys includes exclusive modules that enables flexible Loyalty/Multi-level Marketing programs. Below are the complete list of its features:

  • Authoring
    • Content Management
    • Pages are fully templated and can be customized
    • Fully-redesignable CSS
    • WYSIWYG Editors
    • Integrated File Management
  • Administration
    • User and Group Management
    • Group-based permission (Access Control List)
    • User Audit
  • Core System
    • Built-in site search
    • Context help
    • Modular - Request additional modules as needed (see list below)
  • Points and Rewards System (Loyalty and/or MLM programs)
    • Pointing System (can be customized for many types of MLM compensation plan or basic customer loyalty program)
    • Matrix Rewards
    • Coop Rebate Rewards
    • Code Generator
  • Marketing and Financial System
    • Ads Module
    • Classified Ads Module
    • Coop Management
    • Escrow Payment Module
    • Forex Module
    • Wallet Module
    • Remittance Module
    • Paypal and DHL Integration
  • Social Media System
    • Blog Module
    • Facebook Integration
    • Wall Module
  • Other Extensions
    • Site Hosting
    • Client Database
    • Database Replication and Maintenance
    • SMS Module
    • Mail Management

List of available modules:

  • Included in Basic package:
    • BLOG - Journal
    • MSGR - Internal Messaging
    • QPN - Quick Personal Notes
    • FACEBOOK - Integration with your facebook account
  • Enabled on request:
    • ADS - Ads Management
    • CDB - Clients Database. You can enable registration of members into your site by creating forms complete with email verification and CAPTCHA.  Members registered to your site can track various points and rewards if marketing and point system modules like PSM, MRM, CRRM, WALLET, are enabled. 
    • CGM - Code Generator. Generate and maintain different kinds of codes for use as Activation Code, Gift Cheques, Rewards, Product barcodes etc.
    • CHM - CMS Hosting Management. If you have your own domain, and you want to maximize its value, allow your users to create their own website using this module.  Example, if you have, use your as your central website and open registration for your users to utilize *  Users will be able to register any subdomain as their own website helping your main domain increase in value.
    • CLADS - Classified Ads
    • COOP - Coop Management. If you are running your own cooperative, this module will help you in managing your coop projects and funds allowing your members to clearly see the projects that are on queue as well as the coop financial status.
    • CRON - Scheduler and Alarm
    • CRRM - Coop Rebate Rewards. A rewards module that makes use of both structural benefit and cooperation between members.  Members can earn points from their genealogy structure and to everyone as long as they have an active entry on queue.
    • DBM - Database Management
    • DHLPH - DHL Philippines Integration
    • EPM - Escrow Payment Management
    • FACEBOOK - Facebook Integration
    • FBTR - Firebird Table Replication
    • FOREX - Foreign Currency Exchange
    • MRM - Matrix Rebates
    • PAYPAL - For integrating Paypal
    • PSM - Points System Management
    • QMAIL - For enabling auto creation of Email per account
    • REMIT - Basic single tier remittance module
    • SME - Member-based Trading Platform
    • SMS - Integrating Text Messaging
    • TTREMIT - Triple-Tier Remittance Module
    • WALL - Wall Module
    • WALLET - Wallet system (site currency).


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